Critical disability studies at our university aim to understand and challenge exclusionary and oppressive practices associated with disablism and consider the ways these intersect with other forms of marginalisation including hetero/sexism, racism, poverty and imperialism. This interdisciplinary research community is currently hosted and supported by the The Research Centre for Social Change: Community Wellbeing and the Critical and Community Psychology Research Group.

Our research embraces projects that are in collaboration with local people, community, voluntary, activist and human service organisations. Lived experience, participation and well-being are at the core of our research and we try to work in ways that understand both the processes and outcomes of change for people. We are also interested in embracing new theories and forms of activism that challenge disabling and ableist conditions of contemporary life at various cultural, social, political and interpersonal levels.

Research areas include Critical Policy Studies; Community Psychology; Place, Creativity and Activity; Literary and Cultural Disability Studies; Critical Disability Studies Theory; Child, Family and Disability; Self-advocacy and Disability Politics; Global Disability Studies perspectives.

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